2013 Home Show Frozen Feet Theater comes to Saugerties

Saturday, March 2nd 7:00PM

Saugerties Kiwanis Ice Arena

Admission: $15 Adults, $10 Seniors and Children, $90 for 10 ticket blocks

For More Info: Boundless Edge 845.626.4596
This years HOME show will feature contributions from Frozen Feet Theater (FFT), such as Berlin and In Tonight’s Performanceboth from the Series entitled “Ice Pops”, based on the popular classical music programming developed by the Boston Pop Concerts Other FFT contributions will include Volcano, a trio that depicts modern women warriors performing rituals, entering unknown territories and fending off dangers while keeping the circle between them safe.  Red, first created and performed in 1996 at Rockefeller Center by Beth Woronoff, Boundless Edge Director and Frozen Feet Theater Co-Director.  Red is a Martha Graham inspired solo performed in an ankle length red dress.  Dorris goes to Birdland is a snapshot of the famous jazz club, Birdland during the tumultuous 1950’s.  Dorris is a happy go lucky gal who loves jazz, especially Miles Davis’ All Blues. She witnesses the conflicts caused by segregation and the fight for equal rights and responds by literally holding onto her equilibrium  despite the difficult ride.  Flight, a modern day Snow White puts her mirror down and frees her self from the confines of a beautiful 12 foot long blue skirt.

FFT ensemble members include Alizah Allen, 9th ranked ladies US skater, Patrick Connelly, National Ice Dance competitor and Ice Theater of New York Ensemble Member, Sara Forsythe, Boundless Edge Ensemble member and Saugerties Native and Beth Woronoff, Founder and Director of Boundless Edge and former Ensemble Member and Choreographer for the Ice Theater of New York.

The Boundless Edge Performance Group will skate Set Fire to the Ice, a trio set to Adle’s Set Fire to the Sky, skated by James Basseler, Gracie Fossett and Olivia Wogan.  Carl Carrozza will perform the Sodiers Day Dream.  Boundless Edge students will also skate in several duets and trios.


FROZEN FEET THEATER directed by Mike Carson and Beth Woronoff has created a new genre in ice dancing that goes beyond the current Ice Capades-Follies-Cirque-Stars on Ice format, by telling dramatic stories; the myths and legends of the worlds’ cultures. Integrating the fluid strength and agility of skater/actors and the magical realism of puppetry within a narrative structure, this offers ice dancers the opportunity to present stories reflecting who we are, were and can be.

Their unique format has altered the approach of ice dancers, to include acting a role and has added a new dimension and way to reach an audience by combining the skaters’ unique artistry within the context of a multifaceted story such as “Viva La Vida; The Life of Frida Kahlo” or “Persephone and the Birth of Winter”. The company has received grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


Boundless Edge is a Saugerties, NY based School and Performance Group, founded in 2002.  Its’ mission is to teach, develop and establish ice skating as a performance art in the Hudson Valley and beyond. The school had a unique curriculum that encourages creativity and self expression.  The Ensemble offers these local artistic skaters a performance venue for their talents.

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